Overfinch Range Rover Remapping L322 TDV8

Always up for a challenge at Tuning Emporium, we are never sure what our next car is going to be, or if its already been tuned.

Whilst doing another L322 Range Rover, we completed a stage 1 tune on a TDV8 Overfinch Range Rover L322.  Which for a diesel sounded even sweeter than usual!

Power should be increased to around 310bhp and an extra 110nm of torque.

Mpg can be improved by 4-5mpg depending how its driven.  Contact us for more details.


2016-08-31_20.29.15_resized 20160827_094130_resized_1

Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne remapping

We recently completed remapping for a pair of Porsche’s.

20160826_170124_resized 20160826_170104_resized

1 x Cayenne, 245bhp and 1 x Panamera 250bhp.

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Both 3.0 Tdi V6’s, same EDC17 Bosch ECU.





We performed a stage 1 tune on both, to unleash their full potential to around the 300bhp, along with an extra 60 lb ft of torque.  We also removed the speed limiter in both vehicles.

20160826_170129_resized 20160826_170114_resized





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Seat Ibiza FR remapping

The Seat Ibiza mark 4 FR, features as is now the norm, a downsize in powerplant, from a potent 1.8t down to a 1.4, turbo and supercharged.



Stock power is 150bhp, but with a few teaks and careful ecu calibration, power be increased to 200bhp.








As part of the porocess Tuning Emporium can also tweak the DSG gearbox too.








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Range Rover L322 Td6 remapping, EGR blank & K&N

We have lost count of the number of L322 TD6 we have tuned.

What is a great upgrade for this engine, is blanking off the EGR valve.

This improves throttle response quite a bit, on such a big vehicle.

In conjunction with a filter upgrade and ECU remap, he engine is good for around the 200bhp mark, and a lot more torque, from 299lb ft to around 350lb ft.



Mpg can be improved too, by as much as 7mpg on like for like driving.

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Iveco tuning from Tuning Emporium

We have been tuning eninges for some time now, including van’s with some amazing results over standard.

In-particular, Iveco 2.3 and 3.0 engines.iveco pic, tuning module

Through careful and professional tuning, we can unleash substancial power gains over standard.




iveco engine pic


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VW T5 tuned and remapping

We completed a stage 1 tune on this lovely VW T5 140bhp, including a K&N filter upgrade.

Gains should be 175bhp and 400nm from 140bhp and 340nm.

Remeber to de oil the K&N, as VAG AFM’s dont like oil very much!

20160802_153957_resized_1 20160802_153916_resized_1 20160802_153932_resized_1











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01905 700264

Audi A5 remap, 177bhp

We have recently completed a stage 1 remap on a lovely Audi A5 Black edition, 177bhp.

We performed a stage 1 tune, which should see gains of up to 210bhp and 430nm from 177bhp and 380nm respectively.

20160809_150101_resized 20160809_150042_resized 20160809_150114_resized









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Another Milltek system fitted, SSXM007, R53 Cooper S

We were tasked to fit anoother Mini R53 with a Milltek system, this one was a cat back non resonated system, but still not to loud on the ears.






The kit comprised of,

1x Front silencer replacment pipe

1x Link pipe

1 x Rear Silencer Assembly









We are able to fit other Milltek systems, varying from Non resonated, resonated, different choice of exhaust tips, including Polished, black, and different sized tips.

Contact us for more details.