Mini Cooper R53 S pulley upgrade

We have been fitting a variety of pulley upgrades now to the Mini R53 Cooper S, smaller pulley sizes are, 11, 15, 17 and 19% all from Alta, we always fit new belts too.


Inconjunction with, spark pulgs, intercooler and exhaust upgrade, fantastic gains can be had even before a remap takes.












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VW tuning,remapping R32 and Crafter

Had a cople of great VW’s recently, Crafter 2.5 109bhp and a cracking R32 Golf.

The Crafter 109bhp is a de tuned 136bhp engine, so the gains should be up to the 160bhp without too much trouble.

20160916_155848_resized 20160916_155835_resized


The R32 Golf, had a stage 2 remap performed on it.  A cat back non resonated exhaust system and a Forge induction kit was already fitted.