Tuning Emporium can now offer a vehicle detailing service

Tuning Emporium have now teamed up the The Detail King to offer

Paint enhancement

Vehicle detailing,

Leather coatings

Engine bay detailing

Interior stain removal & Fabric Protection


vehicle paint protection.

Don’t get forced into a sale at the car dealer for a cheap paint protection that twill come off after 3 weeks, trust our years of experince and training instead.

Interior and exterior options available, depending what level of clean you require, can be done at your premises or ideally at our workshops.  Paint Correction & Ceramic coatings can take up to 4 days to complete, Depending on vehicles paint condition.

Let the pictures below do the talking.  For further information please contact us.











































































Land Rover Td5 stage 1 chip tuning 10p engines at Tuning Emporium

Another chip tune we have completed is on a 1999 Land Rover 10p Td5 engine.

These feature an MSB ECU, where a physical chip change is needed.

Stage 1 tune applied to the new chip, which gives it a lot more low down torque, important for when towing or off roading.  The added benefit is that the traction control system works a lot earlier than standard.

A vehicle health check was completed as standard, no serious fault codes found.

Standard Td5 in Discovey guise produce:

136bhp and 221lb ft for manual, 250lb ft in auto’s

but with age and mileage this can decrease, our stage 1 map should produce an extra 30 to 35bhp and 45-50lb ft.

But as with all TD5’s always inspect the red plug for oil contamination, comon fault from the injector harness leaking.

Another option for 10p engines, is to have a 15p NNN coded to your vehicle, so it can be tuned via OBD rather than having a chip change, and you’ll also then have a spare ecu,useful if the vehicle is sold at a later date.

For more information please contact us:


TD5 ECU chip removal




















TD5 chip




















Oil in TD5 ECU loom




















TD5 ecu loom plug

Isuzu Rodeo Dmax remapping at Tuning Emporium

We recently performed a stage 1 remap on 65 plate Isuzu Dmax.

As always we checked for faults first, prior to any tuning – none we found.


it was a 2.5 163bhp model and we also supplied a K&N filter as part of the package.

Gains should be up to 200bhp and 480nm from 163 and 400nm as standard.

Contact us for more details on any tuning work.

Isuzu K and N









Isuzu Dmax remap

Remapping and other options at Tuning Emporium

For all your tuning requirements, where applicable as part of a remap we can:
EGR Disable
Speed limit removal
RPM increase
O2 Disable
Intake manifold flap disable
Ad blue disable
Specific DTC disable

Map switching
Exhaust flap control
Launch control
No Lift shift
Pop and bang
Hard rev cut
Start stop disable
Sport button tuning
Cylinder on demand de activate

Along with various stages of tuning and DSG tuning.
Contact us with your reg number and find out what we can do for you.DSG image

Engine Diagnostics and remapping

Before we remap and tune any car, its so important for us to do a full scan of the car in question.

There are lots of different manufacturers for diagnostic systems, its important they are kept upto date too.

Just because your engine wanring light isn’t on, doesn’t mean to say you have no faults!

Most common faults we come across are EGR and DPF issues.  Sometimes a simple clear of the faults can work, but most of the time the damage has already been done.

Removal, replace or blanking is the only way forward.20150727_162706_resized_1


























Contact us for more information on diagnostics and remapping 01905 700264











Mercedes C250 TD 5 cylinder hybrid turbo now available at Tuning Emporium

We have now designed a hybrid turbo for this engine from Mercedes.

In standard build dimensions as follows:

Inducer 38.8mm

Exducer 52.2

Tip Height 4.7mm

In Hybrid spec is as follows:

Inducer 42.5mm

Exdcuer 60.1mm

Tip height 5.3mm


These T25 have a large turbine to play with from the start.  Approx gains over standard should be 220bhp with a good ECU chip and intercooler.

Contact us for more details.



optimized-p1000650 optimized-p1000651

BMW, 335d, 535d, 635d tuning and remapping

Another twin turbo diesel 6 cylinder from BMW tuned by us.

The early ones were 286bhp and 580nm in standard guise.

After a stage 1 tune, subject to no faults found, gains should be up to 340bhp and 680nm.  Stage 2 should be 360bhp and 700nm.

Having the EGR valves blanked on these engines, does save you from problems later on, as most of them do fail.


Contact us for more details.

20161130_154717_1483906998635_resized 20161130_154544_1483907003422_resized

Focus St 2.5, pop and bang remap.

Another we have tuned recently, the 5 cylinder engines, really do respond well to a good remap.

Up to stage 3 remap is available, approx 305bhp, with supporting modifcations.  But as part of the remap we can if the customer wishes, write a pop and bang function between changes.


Please note though, this is really load with an exhaust modification.

Please contact us for more information.20150721_144603_resized 20150721_144502_resized


Audi A3 8P, 2.0Tdi, 140bhp remapping and Tuning

Recently we were asked to tune a 2.0 tdi A3, as the customer felt it lacked a bit of umph.

First thing we did was an oil and filter change.  Then we plugged our diagnistic system in and found that the air flow meter was faulty, so we fitted a new OEM spec one.


This in itself improved the car, but we then set about tuning it.  Stock it was supposed to be 140bhp and 320nm.

We wrote a new map which should see 175bhp and 400nm.  The difference was immediately noticeable, especially 50 to 70..  Another happy customer20170104_100408_resized 20170104_100355_resized