MPG gains from a remap.

After a recent remap on a Mercedes ML 320cdi, we can report back that mpg has improved from 25mpg to 31mpg.


This represents a massive saving in fuel, 25% improvement.  Yet you can still enjoy the extra power generated from the remap as well.

So if you drive 10,000 you could get around 2500 extra free, bar the cost of the remap.


  • Improved throttle response
  • better driveability
  • safer overtaking
  • mpg with tuning emporium remap








Contact us for more details, on how we can save you money and improve the performance of your car.

Mercedes ML CDI,tuning and remapping at Tuning Emporium

We were recently asked to tune a Mercedes ML W164, 320cdi 224bhp. Tuned, they should be good for 260bhp and 600nm. But the 211bhp engine, is detuned so gains are the same. Also if you buy a 280ML W164, it is detuned to 190bhp and 440nm..  The same engine is fitted to a variety of Mercedes Models, including E Class, C Class, G class, R class and S Class

Wherever possible, buy a lower BHP model which offers a better spec like leather, heated seats, etc… and the money saved could go towards a remap.

320 cdi engine remap pic









ML320cdi remap badge

Mercedes Sprinter Hybrid turbo now available from Tuning Emporium

Tuning Emporium now converting Mercedes 2.2 cdi Sprinter turbo’s to hybrid spec.

Standard spec is,
36mm for inducer,
49mm for exducer
and 4.3mm tip height.

Our hybrid spec is:
41.5mm for inducer
56mm for exducer
4.6mm tip height.

£899 with 12 month warranty

We do require existing unit for upgrade.

If however the electronic actuator is faulty, cost of repair on top of Turbo is £120.

Please contact us with your registration number for confirmation.209 remap

Ford Focus ST, 225bhp, stage 3 tuned, 300bhp, Milltek de cat system, SSXFD042

We have recently just finished a stage 3 tune of a Ford Focus St 2.5 225bhp model.
Modifications include :
• Front mount intercooler
• De cat pipe
• Non resonated Milltek system
• Panel Filter upgrade
• RS Clutch kit

After 3 consecutive runs, we achieved a constant 300bhp and 330lb ft at the flywheel. Up from 225bhp and 236lb ft.

Any more than 305/310bhp and the turbo will be on its last legs. So for reliability we wont go further that this on standard turbo set up.
It can still achieve 34mpg on a steady drive too, which isn’t bad at all for this much power.











More videos coming soon, stay tuned 🙂