Ford Ranger tuning at Tuning Emporium

Tuning Emporium have recently had a couple of Ford Rangers in to tune, both with the 3.2 5 cyliner engine.

These in standard guise produce :

200bhp and 365lb ft.

With a patch update and remap, with ECU on the bench we can tune these to 240bhp and 405lb

Its the extra torque you notice a lot more, especially as the gearbox is more responsive to accelerating.  Literally the pick and go in these is transformed, even more so when towing, which a lot of these trucks do.








































Contact us for more information and details on how we can help tune your vehicles to their full potential.


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VW Volkswagen T6 tuning for VW dealer at Tuning Emporium

Tuning Emporium were recently commissioned with tuning a very nice 67 plate VW T6, at Northern VW specialist.

Standard at 150bhp and 250 lb ft, we wrote a bespoke tune which should take it to

185bhp and 302 lb ft.20171025_114707_resized20171025_114714_resized20171025_114651_resizedCustomer certianly noticed the extra BHP and made driving the vehicle a different experience.Contact us for more details and information, public or #t6 #tuning #tdi #tuning #volkswagen #t6remapping #custom #tune #bespoke #tuning #remapping #dyno #facilities #available

Normally Aspirated engines, to tune or not

We often get asked to tune normally aspirated engines, and as there’s no forced induction from a supercharger or turbocharger, gains can be very mixed.

Unless we can tune the vehicle in question via the OBD port, we won’t undertake the work, due to time and cost involved against the gains you can expect.

Range Rover Sport remap pic

















Tuning Emporium


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Ebay shop

Although we have our Ebay store, you can still contact us for any tuning work.  We offer competitive fleet tuning deals too, most makes and models covered, to maximise fuel savings.

At the same time as tuning , why not get your vehicle fitted with a tracker too.  Free quotes available.

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Bentley GT tuning and tracker at Tuning Emporium

Bentley tuning and tracker. We’re an approved agent for Skytag trackers, monthly fee applies upon completion of tracker been fitted, depending on vehicle type and customer requirements.

Always great gains from these huge engines,
560bhp and 479lb ft standard,
tuned to
680bhp and 663lb ft.

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BMW X5 E53 3.0d 184 bhp, egr delete tuning at Tuning Emporium

BMW X5 3.0d tuning, with egr delete and pipercross filter upgrade.
Again EGR is getting clogged up, although not the worst we’ve seen, always a great improvement on 3.0d engines 🙂

Stock power 184bhp and 287lb ft
tuned to
220bhp and 354lb ft.

The same engines as fitted to Range Rover L322, and other BMW models.

Contact us for more details

01905 700264
07790 315863

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