Jaguar XF 3.0 TDV6 in for a remap and EGR delete at Tuning Emporium

Whilst already no slouch, the Jag XF still has room for improvement in all engine specs.

This one was a 3.0 TDV6 as per Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

Stock map should be:

240bhp and 368 lb ft.

Whilst checking for faults we found one of the EGR’s to be sticking and giving mixed readings, best and cheapest solution to prevent future problems is to blank them off.

This we do as part of the remapping process.

PLease note at present the ECU need to be removedto be tuned on these engines.

Tuned map shouls be:

290bhp and 424lb ft.

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Seat Leon 1P, 2.0tdi remap at Tuning Emporium

We recently were asked to tune a Seat Leon, 1P, 2.0 tdi 136bhp 8v engine.

In standard tune it should be

136bhp and 236 lb ft.

However after a dyno run, we found it was only producing

147bhp and 200lb.

So set about tuning to within DSG capabilities.

after several tweaks we settled on 200bhp and 280lb ft.

MPG has so far improved by a steady 10% too, to 55mpg.

Again a great return 🙂


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Land Rover Discovery Sport remapping at Tuning Emporium

We recently had a lovely Discovery Sport in for a tune up, with JLR’s new Ingenium engine.

Customer wanted more pick up and go from standstill. Gains are from:

180bhp and 309lb ft

tuned to:

210bhp and 361lb ft.

Response is so much csharper and smoother.  Mpg has also improved by 15%!!



















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our ebay store, offers to be had ready for Christmas 2017


Here’s our ebay shop, lots more items to be added in time for Christmas, if there’s something you would like and not listed please contact us.

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Range Rover Sport 2.7TDV6 EGR blanking at Tuning Emporium

We are starting to see these items fail on a weekly basis here at Tuning Emporium.  (sometimes daily)


Best and cheapest option is to blank these both on the engine for piece of mind and in the ECU.  As all egr’s eventually fail, this will be piece of mind for the future.  All our remaps are guranteed for life.  The only time they can be cleared off the ecu is through a software update ( as with all manufacturers).#rangerover #sport #egrblank #egrdelete #tdv6remap #tdv6egrdelete #remapping #worcester #worcestershire Please contact us for more details:01905 70026407790
EGR BYPASS KITegr blcoked picegr blank kit fitted

Audi A5 3.0 tdi 240bhp remapping at Tuning Emporium

Another lovely Audi A5 3.0 tdi in a tune up.

Customer wanted more bhp and if possible MPG.  We have achieved both.

Calculations from our tuning hardware, suggest 300bhp, up from 245bhp.

Torque is up from 368lb ft to 442lb ft.

On a recent 200mile drive mpg is up from 45mpg to a steady 52mpg.  Meaning that the remap will soon be recouped!


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Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3 & 4, L322 suspension compressors

Tuning Emporium are now retailing suspension compressors for

Range Rover L322

Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4

Range Rover Sport mark 1 and 2


Please note each engine size has a different compressor.  Prices from £289 plus postage.












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ebay store

We will soon be adding more exhaust and induction kit tuning deals on our ebay store, so stay tuned:



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