BMW E92 325d remapping at Tuning Emporium

We were recently asked to tune a customers BMW E92 325d 204BHP.

Now this was very interesting as it is actually a 3.0 engine, just re badged for marketing purposes from Germany.

It has 3.0 litre turbo, 3.0 litre injectors, head, everything that the more expensive 330d has, but just in a de tuned format.  So the tuning gains to be had are MASSIVE.


We would require your vehicle for a bout half a day to complete the process, as it does require the ECU out of the vehicle.


In standard guise the engine produces :

204bhp and 430nm.

By releasing the restirctions on the ECU, gains for a stage 1:

300bhp and 600nm.

Stage 2:

320bhp and 640nm







































Contact us for more information:

01905 700264

07790 315863


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