DPF cleaning service, complete flush clean, before and after results

DPF problems are increasing all the time, especially when cars are only doing short journeys, this a real killer for them, they get blocked up quickly and are unable to do a “re gen”, to clean themselves out.


Tuning Emporium are no able to offer a complete clean for DPF’s, we require them off your vehcile, and we have sent to our cleaning specialist.

Where a test will be performed before and after cleaning giving  a pre and post flow reading, with back pressure etc….




We are able to gurantee a 98% original flow rate.  BUT PLEASE NOTE THIS FOR ORIGINAL OEM DPF’S ONLY, NOT CHEAP AFTERMARKET DPF’S.

Tuning emporium dpf





Advantages are:

  • cheaper than a brand new DPF, with prices from £450
  • 12 month guarantee
  • complies with all legislation
  • cheaper than having dpf bypassed and therefore in case of VAG cars, still able to have dealer software updates.
  • prevents premature turbo failure (another big cost)

Contact us at :

info@tuningemporium.com for more details.