EGR blanking, on BMW M57 6 cylinder 233bhp engine.

One of THE MOST popular problems we go to on cars, are EGR related.

Exhaust gases are recirculated before been allowed to escape, its very well and good in theory, but in practice, engines simply get clogged up.  On some early turbo diesel engines, you can buy blanking kits.  However in some instances by just blanking the egr’s might trigger the EML to appear on the dash, if it does, give us a call and we can “map the egr fault code out”, to stop it appearing again, and allowing your engine to breathe properly.


Take this BMW E61 530d as a case in point, despite only done 80,000  iles or so look how clogged up this EGR is.










We simply supply and fit a blankig kit in its place:










Then we remap out any fault code relating to the EGR if it appear’s.


Contact for more EGR issues and remapping.