Range Rover Sport 2.7TDV6 EGR blanking at Tuning Emporium

We are starting to see these items fail on a weekly basis here at Tuning Emporium.  (sometimes daily)


Best and cheapest option is to blank these both on the engine for piece of mind and in the ECU.  As all egr’s eventually fail, this will be piece of mind for the future.  All our remaps are guranteed for life.  The only time they can be cleared off the ecu is through a software update ( as with all manufacturers).#rangerover #sport #egrblank #egrdelete #tdv6remap #tdv6egrdelete #remapping #worcester #worcestershire Please contact us for more details:01905 70026407790 315863www.tuningemporium.com
EGR BYPASS KITegr blcoked picegr blank kit fitted