Audi Q7 remap at Tuning Emporium, 3.0 V6 TDi

A 2017 Audi Q7 graced its presence here at Tuning Emporium recently, the larger capacity engine of 272bhp, although not a bad output, more potential could be had.

The main criticism of these vehicles is the delay in gearchanges.  When the accelorator pedal is depressed hard down, there’s a second delay in actually getting moving.

By careful calibration of the engine software Tuning Emporium can help eradicate this problem, and 99% is down to how the engines torque is delivered.

Audi Q7 mk 2 3.0 tdi 272bhp, ecu remap

We took a reading of the ECU and wrote the customer a new bespoke map.

Power should be 325bhp and 495lb ft after our work.

Audi Q7 mk 2 3.0 tdi 272bhp
Audi Q7 remap





















Test drive definaty showed results, pulling hard through all the gears and on kick down, there was no delay in response either from the gearbox.


On a recent 400mile trip customers MPG improved by 15% too, meaning the remap will pay for itself before the end of the year.

ECU remapping not only improves the engines power and torque, it will also heighten throttle response and expand the power-band. This means things like power delivery will be a lot more linear, which in turn will make the vehicle feel a lot more responsive too. The vehicles power output is frequently restricted by the manufacturer for no reason. Being a driving enthusiast, there is no need for such restrictions to be placed upon your ECU and reducing its performance therefore getting your ECU remapped you could benefit from the hidden power and torque that is hiding within your engine management system.

For more information on how Tuning Emporium can improve your Audi vehicle, please contact us for more details.

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