Ford Ranger remap at Tuning Emporium, 3.2, stage 1 remap, manual

Ford Ranger Remap at Tuning Emporium

Had the pleasure of helping out a local garage with a Ford Ranger 3.2 5 cyinder, customer will be doing a lot of towing so wanted some extra bhp and lb ft to help.

Standard tune these engines produce 197bhp and 347 lb ft.

After a stage 1 tune these produce

243bhp and 400 lbft.

This is still a safe limit on the drivetrain, and imrpoves mid range power quite a bit now!

For all your tuning requirements

Tuning Emporium your one stop shop for tuning requirements, not just content on offering remaps, Tuning Emporium aim to offer a little more than just flashing of the ECU:

* From ECU remapping

* EGR delete kits

* Tuning Boxes

* DSG tuning

* Hybrid Turbo’s

*Smaller Supercharger Pulleys

*Uprated intercoolers

*Silicone hose sets

*Full induction kits

*Sports exhaust systems from Scorpion and Milltek

*Uprated clutches

*Sports suspension

*Upgraded brakes

*Vehicle trackers