Isuzu D Max, remap at Tuning Emporium

Another popular truck in for a tune up recently at here @TE_TuningEmprm was an Isuzu D MAx, 2.5 TD 136bhp.

When fully laden these trucks really need some extra grunt to get them going, but not at the expense of clutch or turbo.

Isuzu D Max remap @TE_TuningEmprm
Isuzu D Max remap @TE_TuningEmprm

All our stage 1 maps, are designed to be used on standard components.

In standard tune these trucks produce 136bhp and 216lb ft, with our stage 1 power upgrade we should see 175bhp and 272 lb ft.

Which makes a lot difference when the vehicle is fully laden, in gear power has been transformed along with MPG.

Why not also get your pride and joy fitted with one of our Skytag trackers, for that added piece of mind security.

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