Range Rover TDV8 remapping with egr delete at Tuning Emporium

Here at Tuning Emporium if there’s a vehicle we more than most its the L322 TDv8 Range Rover.

Most common issue with these is EGR’s and Turbo’s.

TDV8 ecu remapping at Tuning Emporium
TDV8 ecu remapping at Tuning Emporium

This is down to lack of maintenance and or too long service intervals.  We suggest Oil change every eight to ten thousand miles, or whichever comes first.

Regular oil changes are key to prolong the life of any engine, but in the case of the L322 especially more so, due to how small these turbo’s are in relation to size and weight of the vehicle.

With every remap on these engines, we always perform an EGR blank on the ecu, worst case, we mechaically blank them too.

TDV8 ecu remapping at Tuning Emporium
TDV8 ecu remapping at Tuning Emporium

In regards of power upgrades, standard power is 268bhp or 272bhp and 472lb ft.

with our performance remap power increases to

320bhp and 547lb ft.


MPG on average also improves by 10% too.  34mpg not uncommon on long journeys.

For more information on how Tuning Emporium can improve the performance of your Range Rover or any other vehicle, please contact us for more details.


Tuning Emporium your one stop shop for tuning requirements.

* From ECU remapping

* EGR delete kits

* Tuning Boxes (ideal for vehicles under warranty)

* DSG tuning

* Hybrid Turbo’s

*Smaller Supercharger Pulleys

*Uprated intercoolers

*Silicone hose sets

*Full induction kits

*Sports exhaust systems from Scorpion and Milltek

*Uprated clutches

*Sports suspension

*Upgraded brakes

*Vehicle trackers

Full up to date professional Tuning Equipment and diagnostic software.


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Why choose us:
A full health check is carried out on vehicle prior to tuning taking place.

We can prove results with before and after figures on dyno.
All our maps have a lifetime guarantee on them.

We continuously invest in up to date professional equipment.
From cars tuned for road or track applications to light commercials, trucks, agricultural & even marine engines we can provide a solution to meet your needs.

By careful recalibration of the engine management system we can increase drivability with no detriment to reliability.
We are more than just your average chiptuning company as we develop our software in-house whilst at the same time working with some of the best tuning houses from across Europe we have ultimate flexibility in both the range of vehicles that we tune and to be able to provide the customer with the very best solution for their needs

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Skytag tracker and remapping Range Rover at Tuning Emporium

Its all very well having a little bit more power for your pride and joy, but why not go a little bit further and protect by fitting a tracker.

Here at Tuning Emporium we supply and fit Skytag Trackers which hold the record for a car been reported stolen, and been recovered of 11 minutes.

Skytag fitting at Tuning Emporium


How it works

Pinpoint GPS Tracking
Worldwide coverage
24/7 service
Tamper alerts
Intelligent movement alerts
Direct police access and liaison
Simple install and transferable
Internal backup battery

TDV8 fitted with Skytag Tracker, and now with a stage 1 remap with 10% better fuel economy confimed by customer.

Skytag GPS tracker is a proven, comprehensive stolen vehicle location service that can locate and track your vehicle anywhere in the World, within metres.

Our Monitoring system is the only system to provide direct Police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the Police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high speed chase and damage to your vehicle.

Monthly subscription applies depending on level of cover.  Our most popular option is Active monitoring,

Standard service plus active movement alerts.

“Leisuresafe” is designed for leisure vehicles which are used 2-3 times a week, “LeisureSafe” is fully automatic with no requirement to remember to turn on or off. A bespoke zone is created where the vehicle is normally stored.
If the vehicle moves out of this zone during the protected hours, alerts are sent direct to your mobile phone, your landline, text and email.

“NightSafe” is designed for everyday use vehicles where you need protection during the vulnerable night hours.
Using a zone similar to “LeisureSafe” the system alerts leaving the “Safe Zone” during the armed period.


Discounts availabe for fleet or multi car book bookings, and with remapping/tuning of vehicles too.

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