VW Transporter T5 remap at Tuning Emporium

Tuning Emporium were asked to correct another tuning company’s remap, having been told its should be 175bhp.

Only one way to find out, put it on the dyno. It was actually making only 153bhp, although more than standard the graph showed how lumpy it was too. So we set about data logging and writing a new custom map for this customer.

After several runs we got up to 197bhp and 353lb ft. This has transformed the Transporter quite literally.

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We offer a bit more than just file maps, we can pass on our decade of experience in the car tuning world.

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* From ECU remapping
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*Smaller Supercharger Pulleys
*Uprated intercoolers
*Silicone hose sets
*Full induction kits
*Sports exhaust systems from Scorpion and Milltek
*Uprated clutches
*Sports suspension
*Upgraded brakes
*Vehicle trackers
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