Vauxhall Vivaro remap at Tuning Emporium

Here at Tuning Emporium, we also tune van’s,and have done since day one.

A recent customer came to us, with their Vauxhall Vivaro 2.0 cdti 115bhp.  Not only was it down on power but also restricted to 68mph, not ideal.

Vauxhall Vivaro remap and Pipercross filter upgrade
Vauxhall Vivaro remap and Pipercross filter upgrade

Despite having covered over 100,000 miles, the engine was in good condition, i.e no smoke, started instantly, smooth idling , no oil consumption.

In standard tune the engine should produce 115bhp and 221lb ft.

once we had written a new map it should produce 145bhp and 288lb ft.

Test drive certainly delivered the smiles past 68mph.  MPG has also improved, offering an extra 100 miles between fill ups.  Again proving that the remap will pay for itself over the years.

We also took the opportunity to change for a panel filter, even though exisitng one was relatively new, the new Pipercross one has a better gurantee and duration.

What gets changed when a remap takes place?

Nothing gets modified apart from the parameters in the ECU’s program (map). In most cases the map stored on the ECU’s processor can be accessed via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD), which is normally found under the vehicles dashboard. In some cases in newer models the ECU might have to be taken from the vehicle and the casing opened but you do not have to worry about this as our technicians then use specialist tools to read the original map straight from the processing chip. Our technician will then acquire the original map and upload the map which then will adjusted and the parameters altered to improve the performance or fuel economy or a clever blend of both.


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